5 Quick & Budget Friendly Ways to Update Your Space

And just like that it's 2022, where even has the time gone? Mentally I am still in 2019! Any how, with the new year it's time for a refresh and the first on my agenda is a home decor spruce up. 

With a limited budget and home furnishings usually making a rather large hole in my pocket I thought I would research the best ways to update my home on a budget. From crafty DIYs to thrifty updates here are my top 5 tips:

1. Painting

A fresh lick of paint is a fabulous way to give your bohemian home a facelift, so get out those DIY dungarees and get painting. There are a wide variety of of good-quality, low priced paint out there, however, if you really want to save then get yourself a small pot and paint one wall or alcoves for a pop of colour.

2. Flowers

I love a dried flower bouquet and with a huge selection of colour pallets to choose from the options are endless. I tend to switch up the colours every few months to match the seasons or events occurring. 

3. Restyle your shelves 

Try switching up your “shelfie” by changing which items are on display. From decorative objects, vases, and candles all of these can all be rearranged to create a completely new look.  

4.  Wall Art

Add new life to your walls with affordable art pieces. Etsy is great place to find unique designs at an affordable price whilst also helping fellow small businesses. Alternatively you could go the DIY route and display an arrangement of personal photographs or find artwork online print yourself on some glossy paper and pick up a simple frame from The Range. 

5. Cushions

Anther cost-effective way to refresh your home is by purchasing some new cushion covers. By mix and matching new and old decorative pillows you'll create a whole new space for your living room or bedroom. A tradition in our home has always been to have a neutral colour pallet with pops of colour coming from our cushions and minimal accessories which we would refresh every year or whenever we felt the home needed a little update.